2243 Singalong Junk –Paul McCartney (1970)


Paul McCartney.

Junk was written by Paul McCartney in 1968 and was recorded by him in 1970. Singalong Junk is an instrumental version of Junk. It was recorded by Paul McCartney in 1970 and was released on his 1970 album McCartney. The song is part of Paul McCartney’s repertoire and a live version was released in 1991 on Unplugged (The Official Bootleg). A version performed by the London Symphony Orchestra was released on Working Classical in 1999. Both versions were titled Junk but are in fact Singalong Junk. Singalong Junk has also been recorded by Chet Atkins.

Now Hear This: Junk – Paul McCartney (1991)
Junk – Paul McCartney (1999)