0326 Lend Me Your Comb – Carl Perkins (1957)


Carl Perkins.

This song was written by Kay Twomey, Fred Wise and Bed Weisman. It was recorded by Carl Perkins in 1957 and released as the B-side to Glad All Over. It was Carl Perkins’ last single on Sun Records. The Quarrymen added it to their repertoire. It was also part of The Beatles’ repertoire and was sung by John. A live version can be heard on the 1977 album Live! At The Star-Club In Hamburg. Germany; 1962. They also recorded the song for BBC radio and that version was released in 1995 on the album Anthology 1. It was later released on On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2 in 2013. Rory Storm and The Hurricanes recorded a version in 1965 and it was released in 2004 on Unearthed Merseybeat Vol. 2.

John Lennon played the song in 1971 during the filming of the unreleased film Clock. Wings played the song during rehearsals in 1980. Paul McCartney recorded the song during the sessions for Choba B CCCP but it was not released on the album. He sang the song in 1993 as a duet with Carl Perkins during the filming of My Old Friend.
Now Hear This : Lend Me Your Comb – The Beatles (1977)
Lend Me Your Comb – The Beatles (1995)
Lend Me Your Comb – Rory Storm and The Hurricanes (2004)