2217 Instant Karma! – Lennon/Ono With The Plastic Ono Band (1970)


Instant Karma!

This song was written by John Lennon in 1970. It was first recorded by John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band in 1970. It was recorded at EMI Studios in London and was produced by Phil Spector. The recording features George Harrison, Klaus Voormann, Billy Preston, Yoko Ono, Mal Evans and Allen Klein. It was released as a single on the Apple Records label in 1970 with Who Has Seen The Wind? on the B-side. The single reached number five on the UK Singles Chart and number three on the Billboard Chart. The song was part of John Lennon’s live repertoire and he performed a live vocal over a mix of the song’s instrumental track twice for the BBC Television programme Top of The Pops in 1970. John Lennon performed the song live at Madison Square Garden in New York in 1972. A live version was released on the album Live In New York City in 1986.

Now Hear This: Instant Karma! – John Lennon (1986)