1994 Come Together – The Beatles (1969)


Come Together.

Come Together was written by John Lennon but is credited to Lennon-McCartney. It was recorded by The Beatles in 1969. It was recorded at EMI Studios and was produced by George Martin. Take 1 was released on Anthology 3 in 1996. Come Together was first released on The Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road. It was later released as the B-side to Something. The single reached number one on the Billboard chart and number four on the UK Singles chart. A new remix was released on The Beatles’ 2006 album Love. It was part of a medley along with Dear Prudence and Cry Baby Cry.

John Lennon performed the song at the One To One concert in New York in 1972. A recording of the afternoon performance was released in 1986 on the album Live In New York City. The evening performance was released in 1998 on the album John Lennon Anthology. The Smokin’ Mojo Filters recorded a version of the song in 1995 for the charity album The Help Album. Paul McCartney was a member of The Smokin’ Mojo Filters. A version recorded by Robin Williams and Bobby McFerrin was produced by George Martin and was released on the 1998 album In My Life. Sean Lennon performed the song live with Areosmith in 2012. Areosmith recorded the song in 1978. The song has also been recorded by The Supremes, Ike & Tina Turner, and Diana Ross among others.

Now Hear This: Come Together – John Lennon (1986)
Come Together – The Smokin’ Mojo Filters (1995)
Come Together (Take 1) – The Beatles (1996)
Come Together – John Lennon (1998)
Come Together – Robin Williams And Bobby McFerrin (1998)
Come Together/Dear Prudence/Cry Baby Cry (Transition) – The Beatles (2006)


0462 I Believe To My Soul – Ray Charles (1959)


The Genius Sings The Blues.

Ray Charles wrote and recorded this song in 1959. It was first released as the B-side to I’m Movin’ On. It was later released on his 1961 album The Genius Sings The Blues. The sound of this song, which features a pared down band, influenced the arrangement and production of The Beatles’ songs I Want You and Come Together.

Now Hear This : I Want You (She’s So Heavy) – The Beatles (1969)
Come Together – The Beatles (1969)

0298 Got My Mojo Working – Muddy Waters (1957)

Muddy Waters.

Muddy Waters.

This song was written by Preston Foster and was first recorded by Ann Cole in 1956. She released it as a single in 1957. Muddy Waters covered the song that same year. His version was also a single and was released on Chess with Rock Me on the B-side. The song has been covered by Alexis Korner, Manfred Mann, Cliff Bennett And The Rebel Rousers and The Zombies. Merseybeat group The Mojos recorded the song in 1964 and released it on their EP The Mojos.Another Liverpudlian group, The Liverbirds covered the song in 1965 and it was released on their album Star-Club Show 4. Merseybeat group The Roadrunners also recorded the song that year and it was released on the album Star-Club Show 2. John Lennon mentions Muddy Waters in The Beatles song Come Together.

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Got My Mojo Working – The Liverbirds (1965)
Got My Mojo Working – The Roadrunners (1965)
Come Together – The Beatles (1969)

0233 You Can’t Catch Me – Chuck Berry (1956)

John Lennon and Chuck Berry.

John Lennon and Chuck Berry.

Chuck Berry wrote You Can’t Catch Me and released it as a single in 1956. The B-side was Havana Moon. It was also featured in the 1956 film Rock, Rock, Rock. The Rolling Stones covered the song in 1965. The Beatles played the song during the Let It Be sessions in 1969. Part of the lyrics were reusesd by John Lennon when he wrote Come Together. He later covered the song for his 1975 album Rock ‘n’ Roll. An outtake from the 1973 sessions also exists.
Now Hear This : Come Together – The Beatles (1969)
You Can’t Catch Me – John Lennon (1975)