2021 Blue Suede Shoes – The Plastic Ono Band (1969)


Live Peace In Toronto 1969.

Blue Suede Shoes was written by Carl Perkins. Both Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley released versions in 1956. John Lennon owned copies of both versions. The song was part of the repertoire of The Quarrymen, The Beatles, and The Plastic Ono Band. The Plastic Ono Band performed the song live at the Toronto Rock And Roll Revival festival in Toronto, Canada in September 1969. The band included Eric Clapton, Klaus Voormann, and Alan White. The performance was recorded and was produced by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It was released on The Plastic Ono Band’s 1969 album Live Peace In Toronto 1969.

0529 Elvis Presley – Elvis Presley (1956)


Paul McCartney and George Harrison read about Elvis.

This EP, not to be confused with the LP of the same name, was released in America in 1956. It included four tracks, Blue Suede Shoes, Tutti Frutti, I Got A Woman and Just Because. It was not available in the UK at the time but George Harrison heard a copy owned by his friend Arthur Kelly. All four tracks came from Elvis Presley’s début album of the same name but only two of the four songs (Blue Suede Shoes and I Got A Woman) appeared on the UK version (Elvis Presley Rock n’ Roll) of the album.  All of the songs became part of The Quarrymen/The Beatles repertoire.

0263 Blue Suede Shoes – Carl Perkins (1956)

Carl Perkins and George Harrison.

Carl Perkins and George Harrison.

Carl Perkins wrote and recorded Blue Suede Shoes in 1955 and it was released as a single the following year. It reached number two on the Cashbox Best Selling Singles chart. The B-side was Honey Don’t. Elvis Presley released the song nine months later with Tutti Frutti on the B-side. John Lennon owned both versions but preferred this version.

The song became a standard and has been recorded by Eddie Cochran, Bill Haley and His Comets, Buddy Holly and The Dave Clark Five. It was part of The Quarrymen’s repertoire and they recorded the song twice. First in 1997 for the album Get Back – Together and again in 2004 for the album Songs We Remember. It was also part of The Beatles’ repertoire and they recorded it during the 1969 Let It Be sessions. That version was later released on Anthology 3.Lee Curtis & The All-Stars recorded a version for their 1965 album Star-Club Show 3.

Plastic Ono Band performed the song live in 1969 in Toronto. That version can be found on Live Peace In Toronto. The song was performed twice during the 1985 TV special Blue Suede Shoes: A Rockabilly Session. The first version has Carl Perkins on lead vocals while the second version is a duet between Carl Perkins and George Harrison. The band included Eric Clapton and Ringo Starr. Both versions were released in 1986 on the album Blue Suede Shoes : A Rockabilly Session. The song was performed live by Taj Mahal and The Graffiti Band in 1987. The band included George Harrison, Jesse Ed Davis and Bob Dylan among others. They performed the song twice. One version with John Fogerty on lead vocals and another with George Harrison on lead vocals. Paul McCartney and Carl Perkins performed the song in 1993 for the documentary My Old Friend. Paul also performed the song live in 1999 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He also performed the song during the TV special Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road in 2005.

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