2199 Magic Christian Music – Badfinger (1970)


Magic Christian Music.

Magic Christian Music was the debut album released by the band Badfinger. It was recorded at various studios in London in 1968 and 1969. The album features Paul McCartney. The album was produced by Paul McCartney, Mal Evans and Tony Visconti. It was released on the Apple Record label in 1970. The album contains seven songs that had previously been released on The Iveys’ 1969 album Maybe Tomorrow. The album contains a total of fourteen tracks including Come And Get It, Rock Of All Ages and Carry On Till Tomorrow.

Side 1
1) Come And Get It
2) Crimson Ship
3) Dear Angie
4) Fisherman
5) Midnight Sun
6) Beautiful And Blue
7) Rock of All Ages
Side 2
1) Carry On Till Tomorrow
2) I’m In Love
3) Walk Out In The Rain
4) Angelique
5) Knocking Down Our Home
6) Give It A Try
7) Maybe Tomorrow


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