2198 The Magic Christian (Original Sound Track) – Various Artists (1970)


The Magic Christian (Original Sound Track)

This album is the soundtrack album to the 1969 movie The Magic Christian. The movie starred Ringo Starr playing the part of Youngman Grand, Esq. The album was recorded between 1968 and 1969. The album contains six instrumental pieces written by Ken Thorne who had written music for The Beatles’ Help! Soundtrack in 1965. The album also included three songs recorded by Badfinger including Come And Get It, written by Paul McCartney. The album was released on the Commonwealth United Records label in 1970. The album cover features a photograph of Ringo Starr with Peter Sellers.

Side 1
1) Introduction – Ken Thorne
2) Come And Get It – Badfinger
3) Hamlet Scene – Ken Thorne
4) Hunting Scene – Ken Thorne
5) Carry On To Tomorrow – Badfinger
6) Lilli Marlene
Side 2
1) A Day In The Life – Ken Thorne
2) Magic Christian Waltz – Ken Thorne
3) Come And Get It – Ken Thorne
4) Rock Of Ages – Badfinger
5) Newsreel March Music – Ken Thorne
6) Mad About The Boy – Peter Sellers
7) Something In The Air – Thunderclap Newman


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