2133 Candy – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Various Artists (1968)



This album was recorded in 1968. It is the soundtrack album for the 1968 movie Candy. The movie stars Ringo Starr in the role of Emmanuel. The soundtrack album was produced by Peter DeAngelis and Dave Grusin and was released on the Stateside label in 1968. In America the album was released on the ABC Records label. The album contains nine pieces of music composed and conducted by Dave Grusin. The album also includes two songs recorded by Steppenwolf and one song recorded by The Byrds. The album does not contain any music recorded by any member of The Beatles.

Side 1
1) Child Of The Universe – The Byrds
2) Birth By Descent – Dave Grusin
3) Opening Night, By Surgery – Dave Grusin
4) Spec-Rac-Tac-Para-Comm – Dave Grusin
5) Border Town Blues, A Blunt Instrument – Dave Grusin
6) Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf
Side 2
1) Constant Journey – Dave Grusin
2) Every Mother’s Daughter – Dave Grusin
3) It’s Always Because Of This, A Deformity – Dave Grusin
4) Marlon And His Sacred Bird – Dave Grusin
5) Ascension To Virginity – Dave Grusin
6) Rock Me – Steppenwolf


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