2038 The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter – The Incredible String Band (1968)


The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter.

The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter was the third album by the Scottish group The Incredible String Band. It was recorded at Sound Techniques studio in London in 1967 and was produced by Joe Boyd.The album contained ten tracks including Koeeoaddi There, A Very Cellular Song, and Waltz Of The New Moon. It was released on the Elektra label in 1968. It reached number five on the UK Albums chart. Paul McCartney owned a copy of the album and called it his favourite album of 1968.

Side 1
1) Koeeoaddi There
2) The Minotaur’s Song
3) Witches Hat
4) A Very Cellular Song
Side 2
1) Mercy I Cry City
2) Waltz Of The New Moon
3) The Water Song
4) Three Is A Green Crown
5) Swift As The Wind
6) Nightfall

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