2010 The Maharajah Of Brum – Lance Percival (1967)


Lance Percival.

The Maharajah Of Brum is a comedy song written by Lance Percival and George Martin. The song is a parody of the song Matthew And Son recorded by Cat Stevens in 1966. The song is also a parody of the Indian music trend of the mid-sixties. Comedian Lance Percival uses an Indian accent similar to the one made famous by Peter Sellers. The song was recorded at EMI Studios in 1967 and was arranged by Mike Vickers and was produced by George Martin. It was released as a single with Taking The Maharajah Apart on the B-side. Lance Percival provided the voices of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in The Beatles cartoon series. He also provided the voice of Old Fred in The Beatles’ 1968 movie Yellow Submarine. The Maharajah Of Brum was his sixth single release in the UK. His other singles included Riviera Cayf, If I Had Wings, and End Of The Season.


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