1928 Wall’s Ice Cream EP – Various Artists (1969)


Wall’s Ice Cream EP

This various artists EP was made up of four songs recorded by artists signed to Apple Records. It was released on the Apple Records label in 1969. It was only available through a special promotion with Wall’s Ice Cream.  The EP contained four tracks including the previously unreleased track Storm In A Teacup by The Iveys which was produced by Mal Evans. Side one of the EP also included the song Something’s Wrong by James Taylor which was produced by Peter Asher and first released in 1968. Side two of the EP included Jackie Lomax’s 1969 song Little Yellow Pill which was produced by George Harrison. Side two also included Mary Hopkin’s 1969 song Pebble And The Man which was produced by Paul McCartney.

Side 1
1) Storm In A Teacup – The Iveys
2) Something’s Wrong – James Taylor
Side 2
1) Little Yellow Pill – Jackie Lomax
2) Pebble And The Man – Mary Hopkin


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