1888 Post Card – Mary Hopkin (1969)


Post Card.

Post Card was the debut album by Mary Hopkin. It was recorded in 1968 and 1969 at EMI Studios, Apple Studios, and Trident Studios. The album features Paul McCartney on guitar, bass, drums, and tambourine, George Martin on piano, and Donovan Leitch on guitar and backing vocals. The album was produced by Paul McCartney and was released on the Apple Records label in 1969. The photo used on the album cover was taken by Linda Eastman. The back cover shows a postcard written by Paul McCartney. The album contained fourteen tracks including The Honeymoon Song, The Puppy Song, and Young Love. The album reached number three on the UK Album Chart. The American release had a slightly different tracklisting replacing Someone To Watch Over Me with Those Were The Days. The album reached number twenty-eight on the Billboard album chart.

Side 1
1) Lord Of The Reedy River
2) Happiness Runs (Pebble And The Man)
3) Love Is The Sweetest Thing
4) Y Blodyn Gwyn
5) The Honeymoon Song
6) The Puppy Song
7) Inch Worm
Side 2
1) Voyage Of The Moon
2) Lullaby Of The Leaves
3) Young Love
4) Someone To Watch Over Me
5) Prince En Avignon
6) The Game
7) There’s No Business Like Show Business


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