1874 Tighten Up Volume 2 – Various Artists (1969)


Tighten Up Volume 2.

This compilation album was made up of Reggae songs recorded and released in 1968 and 1969. The album included twelve tracks including Long Shot Kick The Bucket by The Pioneers, Wreck A Buddy by Soul Sisters, and Return Of Django by The Upsetters. The album was the second in the Tighten Up series and was released on the Trojan Records label in 1969. Paul McCartney owned a copy of the album along with the first volume.

Side 1
1) Long Shot Kick The Bucket – The Pioneers
2) John Jones – Rudy Mills
3) Fire Corner – Clancy Eccles
4) Wreck A Buddy – Soul Sisters
5) Reggae In Your Jeggae – Dandy
6) Fattie Fattie – Clancy Eccles
Side 2
1) Return Of Django – The Upsetters
2) Sufferer – The Kingstonians
3) Moonlight Lover – Joya Landis
4) Come Into My Parlour – The Bleechers
5) Them A Laugh And A Ki Ki – The Soulmates
6) Live Injection – The Upsetters


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