1873 Tighten Up – Various Artists (1969)


Tighten Up.

This compilation album was made up of Reggae songs recorded and released in 1968 with the exception of Fat Man which was recorded and released by Derrick Morgan in 1960 and re-released in 1968.The album included a total of twelve tracks including Reggae versions of Kansas City (Joya Landis) and Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Joyce Bond). The album was the first in the Tighten Up series and was released on the Trojan Records label in 1969. Paul McCartney owned a copy of the album.

Side 1
1) Tighten Up – Untouchables
2) Kansas City – Joya Landis
3) SPanish Harlem – Val Bennett
4) Place In The Sun – David Isaacs
5) Win Your Love – George Penny
6) Donkey Returns – Brother Dan All Stars
Side 2
1) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – Joyce Bond
2) Angel Of The Morning – Joya Landis
3) Fat Man – Derrick Morgan
4) Soul Limbo – Byron Lee
5) Mix It Up – The Kingstonians
6) Watch This Sound – The Uniques


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