1811 Lennon & McCartney – Hawaiian Style – The Waikikis (1968)


Lennon & McCartney – Hawaiian Style

This album was recorded by The Waikikis in 1968. It was recorded at Studio Madeleine in Belgium and was produced by Roland Kluger. The album is a tribute album to The Beatles. The album contains seven songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney including GirlMichelle, and A Hard Day’s Night. The album also includes one song written by George Harrison, You Like Me Too Much. The album also includes the songs Beatles March and Ringo. The album includes twelve songs in total. It was released on the Palette label in 1968.

Side 1
1) Yesterday
2) Eleanor Rigby
3) Girl
4) Hawaiian Soul
5) Nowhere Man
6) Beatles March
Side 2
1) Michelle
2) You Like Me Too Much
3) Ringo
4) Golden Apples
5) Here There Everywhere
6) A Hard Day’s Night


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