1807 The Fool – The Fool (1968)


The Fool.

The Fool was the debut album released by The Fool. It was recorded in 1968 and was produced by Graham Nash. The album contained ten songs including Rainbow Man and Lay It Down. The album was released on the Mercury Records label in 1968. The Fool were a design collective made up of Seemon Poshima, Marijike Koker, Josje Leeger, and Barry Finch. They designed clothes for several bands including The Hollies, The Move, Procol Harum, and The Beatles. They also decorated instruments for bands including Cream and The Beatles. The Fool also painted the mural of The Beatles’ Apple Boutique in London and George Harrison’s bungalow in Surrey. The Fool also designed sets for the 1968 movie Wonderwall.

Side 1
1) Fly
2) Voice On The Wind
3) Rainbow Man
4) Cry For Me
5) No One Will Ever Know
Side 2
1) Reincarnation
2) Hello Little Sister
3) Keep on Pushin’
4) Inside Your Mind
5) Lay It Down

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