1805 Ascension (Edition II) – John Coltrane (1966)



This jazz album was recorded by John Coltrane in 1965. It was recorded at Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey and was produced by Bob Thiele. The album contains a single free jazz piece titled Ascension. The piece was split into two parts with Ascension (Part 1) on Side 1 and Ascension (Part 2) on Side 2. The album was first released on the Impulse label in 1966. Shortly after it’s release, an earlier take of Ascension titled Ascension (Edition II) was released on the Impulse label. The album was released on the His Master’s Voice label in the UK. The album featured John Tchicai on alto saxophone. John Lennon admired John Coltrane and he owned a copy of this album, most likely Ascension (Edition II).

Side 1
1) Ascension (Part 1)
Side 2
1) Ascension (Part 2)


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