1793 The Beatles’ Sixth Christmas Record – The Beatles (1968)


The Beatles’ Sixth Christmas Record.

This spoken word record was written by The Beatles in 1968. It was recorded by The Beatles in 1968 and was produced by Kenny Everett. The recordings were made in London and New York. The recording features Tiny Tim and Mal Evans. It was released as a 7” flexi disc on the Lyntone label. It was only available to members of The Beatles’ fan club. The recording includes snippets of The Beatles’ 1968 songs  Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Helter Skelter and Yer Blues. The recording also uses a snippet of the song Baroque Hoedown by Perrey And Kingsley. The recording also includes Tiny Tim performing Nowhere Man and John Lennon reading two of his poems, Jock And Yono and Once Upon A Pool Table. Paul McCartney performs the original song Happy Christmas, Happy New Year. George Harrison also mentions The Beatles’ 1967 song Christmastime Is Here Again. A live version of Tiny Tim performing Nowhere Man in 1968 was released on the 2000 album Live! At The Royal Albert Hall.

Now Hear This : Nowhere Man – Tiny Tim (2000)


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