1742 Dear Prudence – The Beatles (1968)


The Beatles.

Dear Prudence was written by John Lennon but is credited to Lennon-McCartney. A demo recorded by The Beatles in 1968 at George Harrison’s home in Esher has never been released. The Beatles recorded the song at Trident Studios in London and it was produced by George Martin. The recording features Mal Evans and Jackie Lomax on backing vocals and handclaps. The recording does not feature Ringo Starr. Dear Prudence was first released on the 1968 album The Beatles. A new remix was released on The Beatles’ 2006 album Love. It was part of a medley along with Come Together and Cry Baby Cry. A version recorded by Sean Lennon and F.O.E was released in Japan in 1990 on the EP Happy Birthday, John : John Lennon 50th Birthday.

Now Hear This: Dear Prudence – Sean Lennon and F.O.E (1990)
Come Together/Dear Prudence/Cry Baby Cry (Transition) – The Beatles (2006)


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