1739 Wonderwall Music – George Harrison (1968)


Wonderwall Music.

Wonderwall Music is the 1968 soundtrack album for the 1968 movie Wonderwall. The movie starred Jane Birkin playing the part of Penny Lane, named after The Beatles’ 1967 song of the same name. The album was recorded by George Harrison in 1967 and 1968. Alongside George Harrison the album features Ringo Starr on drums, Eric Clapton on electric guitar, Big Jim Sullivan on bass, and Peter Tork on banjo. The album also features Merseybeat group The Remo Four and Dutch design collective The Fool. The album was recorded at HMV Studios in Bombay, India and EMI Studios in London and was produced by George Harrison. The album contains nineteen instrumental pieces all written by George Harrison. The album includes Ski-ing, Crying, and Cowboy Music. The album was released on The Beatles’ record label Apple in 1968. The photograph used on the album’s sleeve insert was taken by Astrid Kirchherr. Wonderwall Music was the first album released on the Apple Records label. The album failed to chart in the UK but reached number forty-nine on the Billboard Album chart.

Side One
1) Microbes
2) Red Lady Too
3) Tabla And Pakavaj
4) In The Park
5) Drilling A Home
6) Guru Vandana
7) Greasy Legs
8) Ski-ing
9) Gat Kirwani
10) Dream Scene
Side Two
1) Party Seacombe
2) Love Scene
3) Crying
4) Cowboy Music
5) Fantasy Sequins
6) On The Bed
7) Glass Box
8) Wonderwall To Be Here
9) Singing Om

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