1617 Ludo – Ivor Cutler Trio (1967)



This album was recorded by Ivor Cutler Trio in 1967. It was recorded at EMI Studios and was produced by George Martin. Ludo was the debut album by Ivor Cutler Trio. It was released on the Parlophone label in 1967. The album contained a total of seventeen tracks made up of songs and spoken word tracks including A Great Grey Grasshopper and I Had A Little Boat. Ivor Cutler Trio was made up of Gill Lyons, Trevor Tompkins and Ivor Cutler. Ivor Cutler appeared in The Beatles’ 1967 movie Magical Mystery Tour playing the part of Buster Bloodvessel.

Side 1
1) Mud
2) A Great Grey Grasshopper
3) Darling, Will You Marry Me Twice
4) A Still, Small Fly
5) Deedle Deedle, I Pass
6) I Had A Little Boat
7) Cockadoodledon’t
8) Shoplifters
9) Mary’s Drawer
Side 2
1) I’m Happy
2)I’m Going In A Field
3) Go On – Jump!
4) Flim Flam Flum
5) Good Morning! How Are You! Shut Up!
6) Last Song
7) A Suck Of My Thumb
8) The Shapely Balloon


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