1611 I Am The Walrus – The Beatles (1967)


American single.

This song was written by John Lennon but is credited to Lennon-McCartney. It was first recorded by The Beatles in 1967. It was recorded at EMI Studios and was produced by George Martin. The recording features Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder from The Moody Blues on backing vocals. Take 16 was released on the album Anthology 2 in 1996. The song’s lyrics reference The Beatles’ 1967 song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. I Am The Walrus was first released as the B-side to Hello, Goodbye in 1967. The single reached number one on the UK Singles chart and the Billboard chart. The song was used in The Beatles’ 1967 movie Magical Mystery Tour. The song is included on the Double EP Magical Mystery Tour. A new remix was released on The Beatles’ 2006 album Love.The song is referenced in The Beatles’ 1968 song Glass Onion. The song is also referenced in John Lennon’s 1970 song God. The song has also been recorded by The Hollyridge Strings, Lord Sitar, and Spooky Tooth among others.  A version recorded by Jim Carrey in 1997 was produced by George Martin and released on the 1998 album In My Life.

Now Hear This: Glass Onion – The Beatles (1968)
God – John Lennon (1970)
I Am The Walrus (Take 16) – The Beatles (1996)
I Am The Walrus – Jim Carrey (1998)
I Am The Walrus – The Beatles (2006)




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