1607 Music To Watch Birds By – The Bob Crewe Generation (1967)


Music To Watch Birds By.

Music To Watch Birds By was the second album recorded by The Bob Crewe Generation. It was recorded in 1967 with music directed by Bob Crewe and arranged by Hutch Davie. The album contained ten instrumental songs including Winter Warm, Brother Dan, and Will You Love Me Tomorrow. It was first released on the Dynovoice Records label in 1967. The album was released in the UK in 1968 on the Studio 2 Stereo label. The album cover used a photo of Pattie Boyd taken by John D. Green in 1967. The photo was also used as the cover of John D. Green’s 1967 book Birds Of Britain which also features photos of Jane Asher.

Side 1
1) Winter Warm
2) Melancholy Serenade
3) I Will Wait For You
4) Chelsea Girls
5) Brother Dan
Side 2
1) The Song From Moulin Rouge
2) Will You Love Me Tomorrow
3) Birds Of Britain
4) Streetcar
5) Clementine Boo-Ga-Loo


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