1588 The Village Fugs – The Fugs (1965)


The Village Fugs.

This album was recorded by The Fugs in New York City in 1965. It was produced by Ed Sanders and Harry Smith. It was originally released in 1965 on the Broadside Records label. The original title was Sings Ballads Of Contemporary Protest, Point Of Views, And General Dissatisfaction. However, the album was better known as The Village Fugs. The album contained eleven songs including I Couldn’t Get High and Boobs A Lot. The album was re-released in 1966 and was titled The Fugs First Album. The album was first released in the UK on the Fontana label in 1969. Paul McCartney owned a copy of the original 1965 album.

Side 1
1) Slum Goddess
2) Ah! Sunflower, Weary Of Time
3) Supergirl
4) Swinburne Stomp
5) I Couldn’t Get High
Side 2
1) How Sweet I Roamed From Field To Field
2) Seize The Day
3) My Baby Done Left Me
5) Boobs A Lot
6) Nothing


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