1573 You Can’t Do That – Harry Nilsson (1967)


Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson.

You Can’t Do That was written by John Lennon but is credited to Lennon-McCartney. It was first recorded by The Beatles in 1967. Harry Nilsson recorded the song in 1967 for his album Pandemonium Shadow Show. His version includes lyrics from thirteen over Beatles songs and mentions The Beatles themselves. The other songs used are :

  1. She’s A Woman
  2. I’m Down
  3. Drive My Car
  4. You’re Going To Lose That Girl
  5. Good Day Sunshine
  6. A Hard Day’s Night
  7. Rain
  8. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  9. Day Tripper
  10. Paperback Writer
  11. Do You Want To Know A Secret
  12. Yesterday
  13. Strawberry Fields Forever

The song was also released as a single with Ten Little Indians on the B-side.


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