1566 John Wesley Harding – Bob Dylan (1967)


John Wesley Harding.

John Wesley Harding was the eighth album released by Bob Dylan. It was recorded at Columbia Studios in New York and was produced by Bob Johnston. The album features Pete Drake on steel guitar on two tracks. The album contains a total of twelve songs all written by Bob Dylan including All Along The Watchtower, I Am A Lonesome Hobo, and I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight. The album was released on the Columbia Records label in 1967. It has been suggested that The Beatles’ faces can be seen on the tree trunk on the album’s cover. George Harrison owned a copy of the album.

Side 1
1) John Wesley Harding
2) As I Went Out One Morning
3) I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
4) All Along The Watchtower
5) The Ballad Of Franke Lee And Judas Priest
6) Drifter’s Escape
Side 2
1) Dear Landlord
2) I Am A Lonesome Hobo
3) I Pity The Poor Immigrant
4) The Wicked Messenger
5) Down Along The Cove
6) I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight


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