1501 Best Of The Beatles – Peter Best (1966)


Best Of The Beatles.

This album was recorded by The Pete Best Combo in New York in 1965. The album was arranged and produced by Bob Gallo. The recordings feature Pete Best on drums. The album contains twelve tracks including Shimmy Like My Sister Kate, I Can’t Do Without You Now, and Some Other Guy. It was released on the Savage label in 1966. Savage had previously released an album of songs recorded by Tony Sheridan and The Beatles called This Is The…The Savage Young Beatles in 1965. Best Of The Beatles was the only album released by The Pete Best Combo during their career. It was credited to Peter Best. The album cover features a photo of The Beatles taken by Astrid Kirchherr in Hamburg in 1960.

Side 1
1) Last Night
2) Why Did You Leave Me Baby
3) Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
4) I Need Your Lovin’
5) Nobody But You
6) I Can’t Do Without You Now
Side 2
1) Casting My Spell
2) Wait & See
3) Some Other Guy
4) I’m Blue
5) She’s Alright
6) Keys To My Heart


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