1483 Hurtin’ ‘N’ Lovin’ – Peter And Gordon (1965)


Hurtin’ ‘N’ Lovin’

Hurtin’ ‘N’ Lovin’ was the third album released by Peter And Gordon. It was recorded by Peter And Gordon in 1965 and was produced by John Burgess. It was released on the Columbia label in 1965. The album contained twelve tracks including Who’s Loving You, Someone Ain’t Right, and All Shook Up. Paul McCartney was a fan of Peter And Gordon and he owned a copy of Hurtin’ ‘N’ Lovin’.

Side 1
1) Don’t Pity Me
2) Tears Don’t Stop
3) Who’s Loving You
4) What You Gonna Do ‘Bout It
5) Crying In The Rain
6)Hurtin’ Is Loving
Side 2
1) Cry To Me
2) Someone Ain’t Right
3) Any Day Now (My Beautiful Bird)
4) Broken Pronises
5) When The Black Of Your Eyes To Grey
6) All Shook Up


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