1430 As Is – Manfred Mann (1966)


As Is.

This album was recorded by Manfred Mann in 1966. It was produced by Shel Talmy and was released in 1966 on the Fontana Records label. It was the band’s first album released on Fontana Records and their first album release with Klaus Voormann on bass. Klaus Voormann had previously been a member of The Eyes and Paddy, Klaus & Gibson before joining Manfred Mann in 1966. Klaus Voormann played bass and recorder with the band. The album contains twelve tracks including Autumn Leaves, You’re My Girl, and Just Like A Woman. The album cover was designed by Klaus Voorman. The album reached number twenty-two on the UK Albums chart.

Side 1
1) Trouble And Tea
2) A Now And Then Thing
3) Each Other’s Company
4) Box Office Draw
5) Dealer, Dealer
6) Morning After The Party
Side 2
1) Another Kind Of Music
2) As Long As I Have Lovin’
3) Autumn Leaves
4) Superstitious Guy
5) You’re My Girl
6) Just Like A Woman


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