1366 In My Life – The Beatles (1965)

in my life

Filipino single.

This song was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. It was first recorded by The Beatles in 1965. It was recorded at EMI Studios and was produced by George Martin. The recording features George Martin on piano. It was released on The Beatles’ 1965 album Rubber Soul.  In the Philippines the song was released as the B-side to Run For Your Life in 1966.  The song was part of George Harrison’s repertoire during his Dark Horse tour in 1974. Cynthia Lennon recorded the song with The Beatles Complete On Ukulele in 2012 for the album Rubber Soul. Cilla Black recorded the song for her 1974 album of the same name. A version recorded by Sean Connery was produced by George Martin and released on the 1998 album In My Life. The Quarrymen recorded the song in 2004 for their album Songs We Remember. Quarrymen member Rod Davis recorded the song for his 2009 solo album Under The Influence.

Now Hear This : In My Life – Cilla Black (1974)
In My Life – Sean Connery (1998)
In My Life – The Quarrymen (2004)
In My Life – Rod Davis (2009)
In My Life – The Beatles Complete On Ukulele (2012)


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