1364 Hi-Fi In Focus – Chet Atkins (1957)

R-2357369-1366693967-1781.jpeg (1)

Hi-Fi In Focus.

This album was recorded by Chet Atkins in Nashville, Tennessee in 1957. It was released on the RCA Victor label in 1957. The album contained thirteen tracks including Ain’t Misbehavin’, Walk, Don’t Run, and Bouree. George Harrison was a big fan of Chet Atkins and by 1963 he owned 11 of his albums. This was one of the albums he owned.

Side 1
1) El Cumbanchero
2) Ain’t Misbehavin’
3) Shadow Waltz
4) Anna
5) Yesterdays
6) Portuguese Washerwoman
Side 2
1) Tiger Rag
2) Walk, Don’t Run
3) Tara’s Theme
4) Johnson Rag
5) Lullaby Of The Leaves
6) Bouree
7) Avorada (Little Music Box)


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