1317 Help! – The Beatles (1965)


UK single.

This song was written by John Lennon but is credited to Lennon-McCartney. It was first recorded by The Beatles in 1965. It was recorded at EMI Studios and was produced by George Martin. The song was released as a single with I’m Down on the B-side. It reached number one on the UK Singles chart and the Billboard chart. The song was used in The Beatles’ 1965 movie of the same name. The version released on the American soundtrack album includes a James Bond-type introduction. The song was part of The Beatles’ repertoire and a live version recorded in Blackpool in 1965 was released on the 1996 album Anthology 2. Another live version recorded at the Hollywood Bowl in 1965 was released on the 1977 album The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl. John Lennon recorded the song on a private tape in 1970. Paul McCartney played the song live as part of a John Lennon tribute medley in 1990. The medley was released on the 1990 single All My Trials.  A version recorded by Peter Sellers in 1965 was produced by George Martin. George Martin And His Orchestra recorded the song in 1965 for the album Help! The song has also been recorded by Mary Wells, Deep Purple, Ray Stevens, and The Carpenters among others.

Now Hear This : Help! [US soundtrack version] – The Beatles (1965)
Help! – Peter Sellers (1965)
Help! – George Martin And His Orchestra (1965)
Help! – The Beatles (1977)
Strawberry Fields Forever / Help / Give Peace A Chance – Paul McCartney (1990)
Help! – The Beatles (1996)


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