1161 The Beatles’ Story – The Beatles (1964)


The Beatles’ Story.

This documentary double album was recorded in 1964 and was credited to The Beatles. The documentary was written by John Babcock and was narrated by Al Wiman and Roger Christian. The album includes clips from press conferences and interviews with fans, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. The album contains an excerpt of The Beatles’ performing Twist And Shout at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964 as well as snippets of The Beatles’ songs; I Want To Hold Your Hand, Slow Down, This Boy, You Can’t Do That, If I Fell, And I Love Her, A Hard Day’s Night, Things We Said Today, I’m Happy Just To Dance With You, Little Child, Long Tall Sally, She Loves You, and Boys. Other music was recorded by The Hollyridge Strings. It was released on the Capitol Records label in 1964 and reached number seven on the Billboard Album chart.

Side 1
1) On Stage With The Beatles
2) How Beatlemania Began
3) Beatlemania In Action
4) Man Behind The Beatles – Brian Epstein
5) John Lennon
6) Who’s A Millionaire?
Side 2
1) Beatles Will Be Beatles
2) Man Behind The Music – George Martin
3) George Harrison
Side 3
1) A Hard Day’s Night – Their First Movie
2) Paul McCartney
3) Sneaky Haircuts And More About Paul
Side 4
1) The Beatles Look At Life
2) Victims Of Beatlemania
3) Beatle Medley
4) Ringo Starr
5) Liverpool And All The World!


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