1030 Humpty Dumpty – Jimmy Nicol And The Shubdubs (1964)


Jimmie Nicol.

This song was written by Johnny Harris, Bill Wellings and Jimmie Nicol. It uses traditional nursery rhymes as it’s lyrics and is very similar to Humpty Dumpty by Eric Morris, recorded in 1961. The nursery rhymes used are Humpty Dumpty (first published in 1797), There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe (first published in 1794), and Little Miss Muffet (first published in 1805).

Humpty Dumpty was recorded by Jimmy Nicol And The Shubdubs in 1964. It was released as a single with Night Train on the B-side. Jimmie Nicol was a member of The Shubdubs before becoming a temporary stand in for Ringo Starr in The Beatles in 1964. The song was covered by Tommy Quickly With The Remo 4 in 1964 and released as a single. Both Tommy Quickly and The Remo 4 were managed by Brian Epstein.

Now Hear This : Humpty Dumpty – Tommy Quickly With The Remo 4. (1964)


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