0626 Matchbox – Jerry Lee Lewis (1959)

jerry lee

Jerry Lee Lewis and Ringo Starr.

This song was written by Carl Perkins and has its roots in the 1927 song Match Box Blues, recorded by Blind Lemon Jefferson. Matchbox was first recorded by Carl Perkins in 1956 and released as a single in 1957. That version features Jerry Lee Lewis on piano. Jerry Lee Lewis recorded his own version in 1959 for his album Jerry Lee Lewis. He added an extra verse not included in Carl Perkins’ version. Jerry Lee Lewis also recorded a live version at the Star-Club in Hamburg in 1964.

Carl Perkins’ version was part of The Beatles repertoire. They first recorded the song on a private tape in 1960. A live version recorded in 1962 was released in 1977. Neither of those versions included Jerry Lee Lewis’ extra verse. They recorded the song for BBC radio and that version was released in 1994. They also recorded a studio version in 1964. That version was released on the EP Long Tall Sally in 1964. The last two versions include the extra verse. Paul McCartney has also released a version of the song without the extra verse.

Now Hear This : Matchbox – The Beatles (1964)
Matchbox – The Beatles (1977)
Matchbox – Paul McCartney (1990)
Matchbox – The Beatles (1994)

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