0471 The Honeymoon Song – Marino Marini (1959)


Marino Sings The Hits.

This song was written by Milis Theodorakis and William Sansom for the 1959 film Honeymoon. The song was performed by Marino Marini in the film. It was later released in the UK on the EP Marino Sings The Hits. Paul McCartney was a fan (the other Beatles were not) and he sung the song when The Beatles played it.

The song was recorded by The Beatles for BBC radio. It was released in 1994 on the album Live At The BBC. The Honeymoon Song influenced the middle eight to The Beatles’ 1964 song And I Love Her.Mary Hopkin covered the song in 1969. It was released on her album Postcard which was produced by Paul McCartney.

Now Hear This : And I Love Her – The Beatles (1964)
The Honeymoon Song – Mary Hopkin (1969)
The Honeymoon Song – The Beatles (1994)


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